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About GreenshoeTalent

Founder Erik De Vuyst has 20 years of experience in financial services, where he progressed from retail to international corporate customers in the industrial and service sectors.

Thanks to various senior commercial positions providing a wide range of financial services, he is quickly able to build relationships with his target groups.

Erik became a specialist in recruitment within the niche of financial institutions and international trade, thanks to HR training and above all his expertise built up over many years.

With GreenshoeTalent, Erik offers his clients (job seekers and companies) full service and support, acting as sparring partner, advisor, mentor and fixer.

Why GreenshoeTalent?

The “Greenshoe clause” forms part of an initial public offering, when a company prepares to be listed on the stock exchange. It has three main objectives:

  • Matching supply and demand, so as to find the right price
  • Ensuring efficiency, so that all parties are satisfied
  • Marking-to-market

The stock exchange flotation marks a new phase in the life of a company, taking it to a higher level. During the process the company is advised by a bank which makes its expertise available and brings the two sides together (the company and investors) to create a win-win situation.

GreenshoeTalent operates on the same principles:

  • Taking candidates and organisations to a higher level
  • Matching the ambitions of the company with those of the candidate
  • Indicating the pool of available, specialist candidates and existing opportunities in the market
  • Clear commitment

Our services



Before GreenshoeTalent teams up with you it conducts an in-depth intake interview so that it can offer you a tailor-made career path. It doesn’t offer you a vacancy until it’s absolutely sure that you’re going to be happy with your future employer.

financial profiles

GreenshoeTalent has an active, efficient network of companies looking for people with your qualifications.

long-term relationship

GreenshoeTalent enters into a long-term relationship with each candidate. Detailed discussions and regular contacts ensure that it keeps in close touch with you, even long after you have made use of its services.

screening without obligation

An extensive, scientifically-based screening of your CV, language abilities, attitudes and skills does not commit you in any way, but it does give you a clear idea of what you are worth on the market.

accurate placement

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive briefing with companies looking for qualifications such as yours, GreenshoeTalent manages to propose the right candidate in 90% of cases. No waste of time.


recruitment and executive search

GreenshoeTalent finds professionals, mid- and senior managers in the Benelux for:

  • traditional financial institutions (banks, insurance companies)
  • asset management
  • companies operating in payment transactions and international trade
  • private equity and fintech companies

GreenshoeTalent supports its customers with the recruitment and onboarding of a.o., commercial and technico-commercial professionals, Investment banking specialists, Financial Markets & – Institution experts, risk managers, actuarial, compliance & financial legal experts and Treasury specialists.

professional method

GreenshoeTalent uses the “direct search” method:

It uses structured, interactive interviews to examine the candidate’s professional development, determine their motivation and find a match with the required qualifications.

The result is a rounded, nuanced picture of the candidate.

You then receive a professional recommendation in the form of a clear, concise report.

total approach

GreenshoeTalent goes “all the way,” both for you and for the candidate: in-depth briefing on the requirements, regular updates on the communication, preparation, follow-up, fine-tuning, support, contract negotiations and so on.


GreenshoeTalent has an extensive, efficient network of people with financial and other qualifications who are not actually looking for another challenge at the moment but who could well be open to one. Result: a quick response to your requirements.


GreenshoeTalent works both for multinationals with their own HR department and for small or medium-sized enterprises without their own personnel services.

assessment and coaching

GreenshoeTalent calls upon specialist partners for this.



GreenshoeTalent does what it promises: it forms a partnership with candidates and companies, thanks to intensive personal contact and support.


GreenshoeTalent goes “all the way” for you:
the end result can only be a satisfied organisation.


GreenshoeTalent invests in relations.
It is interested only in long-term results, never in quick wins.
So that companies and employees are satisfied with one another.

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