Presentation given by Mr Philippe Colle, Managing Director with Assuralia, and Professor Economic – and Commercial Law and Pensions at the Free Brussels University (VUB), organized by Financial Forum Antwerp. I. Actual situation of the insurance industry Starting point for a picture of the actual situation is the evolution of the total premium collected for […]

TALENT MOBILITY: DIFFERENT JOB…… SAME YOU Technology & innovation undoubtedly impact the whole society. Digitization makes disappear certain types of jobs, but also creates new ones. A trend which we also see in the banking sector. The pilot project Talent Mobility, offers employees, whose job is threatened and who are interested in an opportunity outside […]

In a most interesting presentation on payments trends, N. Vandepeute and S. Van Brussel, resp. CEO en COO of Bancontact/Payconiq, provided some eyeopening insights regarding payments in Belgium, in Europe and the world. Contrary to our neighboring countries, cash is still king in Belgium, 66 %, followed by card payments, 33 %. Mobile apps are […]

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