Technology & innovation undoubtedly impact the whole society. Digitization makes disappear certain types of jobs, but also creates new ones. A trend which we also see in the banking sector.

The pilot project Talent Mobility, offers employees, whose job is threatened and who are interested in an opportunity outside of the banking sector, new career perspectives. Talent Mobility was set up by Febelfin, the umbrella organization of the banking sector, with the purpose to support intensively the employee during his/her switch to the new career and to create a win -situation for the 3 parties involved, the employee, the actual and the future employer.

The initiative for the new opportunity lies with the employee. Following the registration of the intended switch, the actual employer drafts an individual coaching path and can choose between 4 formulas defined within Talent Mobility. Febelfin calls upon the expertise of 3 HR- partners to assume the responsibilities of the process.

In a first phase, a detailed map of the competences and the preference is drawn. Secondly the employee starts the coaching path and he/she has the possibility to subscribe to essential trainings and acquire the necessary expertise for the new job. The process ends with an internship ranging from some weeks to some months, according to the initially chosen formula. All charges for the coaching process are born by the banks where the jobs will disappear.

Via Talent Mobility, Febelfin not only supports the employee during his/her switch to the preferred job, but also offers information on some partner sectors with which it has concluded framework agreements. Today agreements with education, social – and public sector and international trade already exist. New framework agreements are likely to be concluded in the future.

Being a niche player with recruitment expertise within the financial sector and international trade, GreenshoeTalent fully supports this pilot project. If the employee, who intends to switch to a career outside of banking, neither finds himself/herself a new opportunity, nor does he/she among the vacancies offered by the partner-sectors, then the opportunities within the network of GreenshoeTalent may be a very good alternative. The purpose ofTalent Mobility remains after all to offer to the employee a new career, in line with his/her competences and preference.


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