Bank van Breda

The headquarters of Bank J. Van Breda & Co together with its HR department are housed in the magnificently restored former goods station in Antwerp.

HR assistant Martine Van den Hoek explains why she is so pleased about working with GreenshoeTalent for three years now.

GreenshoeTalent helps Bank J.Van Breda & Co search for commercial qualifications

Bank J.Van Breda & Co was set up in 1930 by the brothers Jos and Maurice Van Breda from Lier. The expansion and diversification of this Belgian family business led to the setting up of the subsidiaries Van Breda Car Finance and Bank de Kremer. Since 1997 Bank J. Van Breda & Co has belonged to the investment group Ackermans & van Haaren where together with Delen Private Bank it forms the group’s financial arm.

“Where our bank distinguishes itself from the big banks is that we offer our clients a concept. We mainly concentrate on the liberal professions and small businesses in the medical sector and enter a long-term relationship with them, ranging from their day-to-day business needs to building up capital so that when they retire they can maintain the same lifestyle.”

Commercial talent

“When we go looking for people with commercial qualifications, we call upon professional partners. GreenshoeTalent is one of these. We have a relationship of confidence with them. They provide added value for us by looking specifically for very particular qualifications and doing the necessary groundwork so that we only get really worthwhile candidates to interview.”

The collaboration with Erik began in 2016 and is still going strong. “Erik comes from the banking sector, which offers added value for us because he understands perfectly what we are looking for. We call upon him for candidates in the higher range of commercial qualifications: commercial people who go prospecting and bring in new customers. People with these sorts of qualifications are few and far between. Erik has the necessary wide network and works extremely thoroughly. We use him for finding commercial qualifications in the East and West Flanders region. GreenshoeTalent has long experience with these particular types of qualifications and looks doggedly until the right match is found. This has yielded good results for us in the past.”

Thorough and personal

“The administrative processing and initial screening of the vacancies is done here at our headquarters, but then it is up to the district manager who will have to train the candidate and actually work with them. Erik pays a great deal of attention to this aspect too. He knows our values, our vision and our sensitivities, but also the concerns of the line manager, the exact job content and the team that the candidate will have to work with. This enables him to search in a targeted way and offer us worthwhile candidates. If I get a CV from GreenshoeTalent I can just scan through it diagonally because I know that he has proactively eliminated all possible gaps.

Erik always has personal contact with the candidates, so they are well prepared for our interview. He discusses all the potential questions and expectations with them beforehand, and only presents them to us once he is not just 100% but 200% certain.

Everything is properly documented: when you read a report from Erik you can already form a picture of the person that you will see at the job interview.

Yes, we’re absolutely satisfied and hope to continue working with him for a long time to come.”

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